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“Fostering happiness at work”

Every workplace requires a team effort.

Yet sometimes even within the most cohesive units, individual’s strengths and weaknesses vary. For instance one person may thrive on developing ideas, but may not instigate projects themselves. On the other-hand, there could be one person who works best one-on-one. They enjoy nurturing relationships and are the type of employee who secures client deals. Understanding the “natural-flow” of team members ensures they can work in the areas of their strengths, or the path of least resistance. Working with the strengths of employees leads to profit, productivity and enthusiasm.

Success breeds happiness and success at any level comes from feeling VALUED.

Elicit Success can show you how to make happiness bankable at your work. Underperforming, disinterested and unhappy employees cost businesses thousands of dollars annually. Productivity dives and the cost of rehiring and retraining alone can set budgets back months. But workplace happiness is not just about money. Through individual staff profiling, we can help provide the foundation your business needs to understand each employee’s values and strengths. We can then assist with implementing changes to incorporate this new understanding into the work place, which will lead to a happier more productive environment.

What can we do for your business?

Individual profiling- understanding your employees.

Everyone is different and understanding how we tick as well as our values starts with individual profiling. Each person completes an online assessment tool called Talent Dynamics. After answering a series of questions about the participants’ values, work ethic, team position, goals etc, it develops a profile. A character insight includes their strengths and challenges, but most importantly it identifies their “natural flow” or path of least resistance. Working within “flow” is the best way to foster happiness in the workplace and increase productivity. Individual profiling also helps participants identify how they can work best with others in their “flow”.

Mission statement

“If you know your passion and absolutely persist – you will get progress.”

We want to help you understand what makes you or your employees tick. This self-knowledge is the first step to fulfilment, both personally and professionally. Hard work, in the area of your “natural flow” or path of least resistance, is the best way to build-on your strengths. Support during this phase is critical to ensure progress. This path leads to happiness which breeds success for both employees and businesses. Happiness boosts profits and productivity.

Talent Dynamics – “The No 1 Performance Pathway for Accelerating Trust and Flow”

Creator Profile

Creators are the best initiators. Although they can be quick to create chaos they can be surprisingly innovative at finding ways out of chaos. Put them in charge of new projects but move them on to the next creation once their job is done.

Star Profile

Stars are the best promoters. They need to lead from the front. Give them the chance to shine and give them the space to deliver results without tying them down. Give them the systems and support to enable them to focus on building new business.

Supporter Profile

Supporters are the best leaders. Don’t expect them to come up with the plan. Build a plan and set the goals with a Supporter and then let them lead the team towards the plan. Let them set their own management style and their own agenda.

Deal Maker Profile

Deal Makers are the best peacemakers. They will leave everyone feeling good. Don’t expect them to go out cold calling as they thrive on building the relationships they have. Work with Deal Makers to nurture the customer and relationships you have.

Trader Profile

Traders are your best negotiators. They always know what systems and which people will provide the service and support to cement a satisfied and loyal customer relationship. They work best when given clear parameters to work within.

Accumulator Profile

Accumulators are your best ambassadors. They are reliable, get things done on time and are not prone to making rash decisions. Accumulators make the best project managers when a specific task needs to be delivered reliably.

Lord Profile

Lords are your best analysts. Give them the space to study the detail and to deliver the data. Don’t ask them to go out and network, spend time building relationships or in negotiations as they are strongest when focused behind the scenes.

Mechanic Profile

Mechanics are your best completers. They will wrap up the process and find smart ways to do it better next time. Don’t ask a mechanic to start from scratch but give them an existing process or product to improve on.
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