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Elicit Success is about stimulating your mind, inspiring you with your passions and motivating you toward the outcomes you want for your business, with your employees and as individuals.

On-line short courses

Productivity is MONEY

We all know the adage, penned by Benjamin Franklin, that time equals money. But anyone whose hands are busy greasing the gears of a moneymaking business knows that Franklin’s formula is armchair shorthand for a more complex algorithm where Time × Productivity = Money. And, yes, there is a science to productivity, but its instrumentation is particular to your business. While Australian stats show that productivity is up, employment rates, worker morale, and economic vitality remain on the rocks. As a business leader, with your focus set on the bottom line, there are ways to adjust your productivity practices without cutting into your overhead, and though the way is narrow, the results have the potential to be effective far beyond the office space.
On-line short courses

Personality Profiling

Individual Personality Profiling through Talent Dynamics will show you your natural path of least resistance, your natural talents and how to tap into them. Your profile report gives you an understanding of yourself and others, how you relate to the world, communicate and what professions come naturally to you and those that don’t. You will be stimulated by this report and inspired on a professional pathway through self-understanding. This will give you the clarity and motivation – your SIM card to success.
On-line short courses

On-line short courses

Elicit Training offers a comprehensive range of on-line short courses with easy access through our on-line learning platform we can enhance your knowledge and skill in just 10 to 30 hours. These courses are designed to stimulate you and your employees and inspire them. Motivation in the workplace comes from trust and knowledge and being able to apply understanding about self and others
On-line short courses


Accredited Training is training which provides a person with a nationally recognised qualification on completion. It is sometimes referred to as Nationally Recognised Training and has been developed based on the National Training Package for the given industry or where a Training Package does not exist and a course has been accredited for national recognition.
What is the difference between an accredited (nationally recognised) course and a non-accredited course?

By undertaking a nationally recognised course, participants learn in accordance with nationally agreed industry standards. On successful completion of the course, participants receive a qualification (or statement of attainment if doing part of the course).

The qualification is recognised in every state of Australia (and New Zealand).

Participants are required to complete an assessment for all nationally recognised courses.

Non-accredited courses do not carry national recognition, however they carry several advantages if gaining a qualification is not a key reason for the training:

The course can be built around a client’s specific training needs

There is no assessment requirement
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